AO+ results after 10 days

It has been 10 days of daily “sprits” on baby and myself. We took 3 baths during these 10 days. Our skin continues to get softer, especially on my baby. Her eczema is fading and her “reptile feel” is going away. Her eczema was big on her legs and she had a lot of small sports on her back and chin. A new zone on the neck had appeared before we started the mist. Every zone were red-ish before, now these are barely visible. 

Her leg The zone on her neck. 

The weather is hot and humid one day, the next it is windy and sunny. I used deodorant only once. I have not been told of any BO. I have not feel any new self-cleaning on my face, but I’m looking forward to how the spores evolve. I will compare photos at a later time. 

My hair is decent. I can go 4 days without washing it, yet it is better to attach it on special occasion. I don’t have any itching due to the lack of wash. I take baths and make sure my hair is fully soaked in water for several minutes before applying the MotherDirt shampoo. It is not foaming but that’s normal. I did notice less hair loss however! The change between less wash, less harsh products and the bacteria are all contributing to this result for sure.

Still using it, still loving the idea!


AO+ mist from MotherDirt

My order arrived in this bulky package! Excited to use the mist, I didn’t wait long to open and spray my skin with the bacteria. 

The first day showed no change. I didn’t bath or shower until after 3 days of using the spray. I saw no real change until after my bath. My face skin feels much softer and I feel my pores are getting rid of nasty stuff (black spots?) 

I used it on my baby too. She has my skin totally reacting to eczema. Her spots of eczema have been very strong about 2 months ago and it has reduced but not gone away. Oils and Nivea cream are not fixing anything, it just helps temporarily. I have hope that the bacteria helps. It may take time though. 

I had not washed my hair since last Sunday. By Friday I had to attach it in a ponytail as the roots looked greasy. I used the MotherDirt shampoo; it washed my hair just as well as a regular shampoo. I have carefully chosen shampoos for a while so I never have itches. Not sure I will feel differences. 

So far the quick change in the smoothness of my face skin is encouraging to continue using the product.

Before an interview 

Watch this video to find out how “Your body language shapes who you are.” 

This video inspired me so much for the past 3 years that it is worth sharing! I have shared this video with a few people, of which one said they did knew about it already! My husband took a class during his masters with two of the best schools in the world and he got to sit in a class where this video was used!

I graduated in Business management and Human Resources and worked as a recruiter. This working experience put me in front of people who clearly had done a lot of preparation and some who came “fingers in the nose” (as we say in France). Of course it is no big news to read that preparation will get you further! Yet, there can be another slight difference between two people well prepared: confidence. When one feels powerful, there are no limits, no barriers one couldn’t get over. 

The summary of the video (the science behind the study is just fascinating) is that by posing like Wonder Woman or Superman for just 2 minutes (preferably in a quiet space to get your mind ready) may boost your level of confidence to that point were you will show you can do the job, find solutions, etc. basically your brain will work much faster during the interview, you will come up with more pertinent answers and may get good questions to ask in return. 

2 minutes is all it takes!

I hired a candidate that worked closely with me later on. We talked about this video and he had seen it before and said he did it before his interview. He was by far the best interviewer I had for this position! Oh and as a side note, I did this before my interview for the job I got there too! And I remind my husband before any oral presentation (even video conference) to do the pose and each time he performs great, even in a stressful day when everything seems to fall apart!

2 minutes is all it takes!

Have you done this before too?

Skin and microbes

Have you ever been told not to shower? Doubt you have! Have you ever thought it is gross to NOT shower daily? I come from France, where people had to live hard time during the wars and have kept some of the routines long after the difficult times had last. As I grew up, I felt that it was somewhat not a need to shower daily, after all sitting in class all day didn’t make me “dirty.” When I moved to the USA I realized how my routine (which I never changed) was not seen with a good eye, even if no odors where noticed. 

My husband saw a video about an experiment on skin microbiom, I found a link to the same story ( and have changed my routine even more! No more showers, only baths, less soap, none if possible. I have been a subject to eczema all my life, and our baby is having many spots too. This study is encouraging me to try the microbes spray and see if it changes my eczema. 

After a week of less soap, and no shower, my feet and calfs skin is softer and not dry (I would spend minutes daily to cream up my feet and legs), same for my hands and face. Five years ago I read an article stating that the worse “ingredient is sodium lauryl sulfate, a potent detergent,” used to clean oily floor in vehicle repair garages! I had thought my head should not be cleaned in the same fashion! So I’ve been active in the right way for quite some time (yay!) It is however hard to go shampoo-less, but I’m curious to see how my skin would improve after using the spray for a month or two!

Have you try this spray?


You will quickly discover that cooking is a main part of my life (and French people too). Over the years I have experienced some bad food habits (Starbucks, fast food, etc.) like many. The lack of time creates a mean temptation for these. 

In order to get my weight under control I followed some friends advice: I did P90X (great workout, but can’t keep up with it for too long… Lack of time, remember?!), I drunk Shakeology (and got really sick, bloated, etc.), I stopped carbs, etc. In the end, the real solution was to change my food habits. And here I will admit, in Strasbourg we don’t have the healthiest food items! I know… so sad! (Food is super good to eat, but be aware of the consequences!!😁) 

Later I discovered the microbiome diet to help me in my quest for the best food habit. The concept is great and natural. There is no pills to eat, no stuff to purchase to feel good, no, just eat… better. Yes, the key is better. The main idea is to eat natural items found in the nature. Going back to the root of who we are. My best purchase was this book: 

The reason I got this one is for the recipes ideas. It gives you weeks of menu, shopping list, and explains how each item is good for us.  Btw, this book costs about $10. 

I’ve used these recipes for a year now and my body has stopped some of the cravings I used to have. Granted it can’t stop my dark chocolate cravings, simply because I think we need very dark chocolate to feel good! 😝 

A few tips if you don’t feel like reading the book: 

  • limit or avoid grains in all shape or form. (That’s the hardest one for French and baguette lovers!)
  • Eat plenty of fruits and veggies
  • Limit your meat intake (once a day and reduce the portion, if possible do without)
  • Zero soft drinks (that sounds easy, but it may be one of your cravings!)
  • Eat fat and stay away from sugar (the opposite of what the food industry says). Sugar doesn’t exist in nature, it has to be transformed to exist. 
  • Keep doing this for 6 weeks before seeing any difference 
  • Set a goal of keeping these changes for a year. By then you should see your cravings disappear. 

Accept that going on a diet doesn’t mean you will be slim within 3 months (unless you starve yourself) but it will clean and heal your body from the inside. The results will appear in time. Trust your body, do what is good for you. Listen to yourself, our bodies tell us what they need. 

Good luck to you! I will help support you and motivate you in your journey!